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Born in Denmark in 1987 as a love child. My dad fled Thamizh Eezham a few years before my mum and they had been separated for almost two years when the two of them met in Denmark. My dad was living in Germany when my mum arrived in Denmark. He then packed his bag and left for Denmark and at the border he had to argue his case of wanting to be reunited with the love of his life and his two children. My accamaarrs. And boom. 9 months after that I was born. 

Growing up we were not allowed to speak Danish at home. It might sound strict, but it is one of the best things that happened in my childhood.. My parents' view was that we spent most of our waking hours in  Danish society, engaging with Danes, going to Danish schools, so they believed in the fact that Danish will come naturally, however in that environment Thamizh wouldn’t. And Sunday Thamizh school for 3 hours wouldn’t cut it. 

I am forever grateful for that mindset that my parents had, because that’s where I have my Thamizh from. My Thamizh was so full of the Yaazhpaanam accent or dialect, that when I arrived in Eezham for the first time as a 13 year old, people didn’t believe I was born in Denmark. They argued that I must have had a few years as a child in Thamizh Homeland to be able to speak so fluently. Coincidently I met an extended family member, an uncle, on my last trip to Thamizh Homeland. Read more...



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