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What's under the Christmas tree this year?

Asked Sarminy to look like she was thinking about where she was gonna buy my Christmas gift this year.

In some ways 2020 has been exhausting and long, in other ways really really short. I can’t believe it’s December already! And with December comes Christmas.

10 years ago I learned my lesson. How intertwined I was in capitalism. I wrote about it earlier this year and you can find it right here. I also wrote about why it’s important to support small businesses and the power each one of us have via purchasing choices.

I grew up in Denmark where Christmas is a big thing. Christmas decorations pops up in stores as early as October and I can’t stand it. This time of year I usually associate it with stress and the minimal hours of light doesn’t make it easier. However Christmas eve I do look forward to. Having 4 siblings, some married, some with kids and all of them living across Denmark, this one day is where we all meet up at my parents' house. This year I’ll spend it differently. In my decolonizing process I came to live with my chosen family and we try to not give into capitalism, but still make it a day where we ideally switch off the phones, eat good food and watch lame holiday movies. Light the candles on the Christmas tree and go for a walk in the forest. I am looking forward to it. I am looking forward to the day where I can let go of the last few months of stress that I have built up in me.

If you have followed me for some time on Instagram you would have noticed that I launched AnbudanSugi, and At the moment I am filming a documentary about racism in Denmark. All this happened within the last few months and I can’t wait to release the documentary on December 15th and already start screening the day after. However this also means that my calendar is packed to the max. Being a womxn who cherishes self-care and time for oneself, these months didn’t align with my life philosophy. As my friend Anu said “It’s good to have plans, Sugi. Just remember, life has its own plan for you”.

So back to what this blog is all about: What’s under the Christmas tree this year?

If you have a tradition for exchanging Christmas gifts, I encourage you to take the time to look into small businesses and Thamizh owned businesses and choose your gifts from there. This season might be the hardest one for some of them to survive, as they are competing for your attention against big companies with way more marketing capital.

Due to covid-19 shipping time might also vary, so you might have to hurry and place your orders.

I have compiled a list of some Thamizh businesses I look up to and also like their products. It can be their product itself or their philosophy or the way they go about their business that inspires me. Here you go:

For all the Thamizh toddlers around the world:

Vaaranam Books

IG handle: vaaranambooks

Based in Sydney, Australia, Vaaranam Children's Books focuses on producing high-end Tamil children's books, mainly for kids between the ages of 0 to 5 years.

International shipping available.

Shipping time: 2-4 weeks


IG handle: TheTamilChannel

Why not combine the books with online Thamizh classes?

2020 have really teached a lot of us to think innovative in so many ways. While Thamizh school was Sunday school for me growing up The Tamil Channel created an online world where anyone and everyone of us can learn Thamizh.

Sign up your kids, your friends' kids, your nieces and nephews for the classes right here.


I haven’t tried her soaps yet, but so many reviews from Thamizhs around the world can’t be wrong.

Following the Thamizh Indigenous Sitha ways of life, Vithya makes these handmade soaps organic with eco friendly packaging.

International Shipping available.


IG handle: cutifyshop

Based in Germany, this is where culture meets fashion. Simple and minimalistic and just the way I like my jewellery.

Do you know someone who just graduated and is lost about what to do next?


Ig handle: undercovermathu

Her one-to-one guidance sessions are epic. From a room in London she started her business with a laptop and now she has clients from all corners of the world. Right now you can get 3x60 minutes guidance sessions for 55 pounds and you can use them throughout 2021. From goal settings, to prep you for job interviews, a life coach like Mathusa works magic.

It is 2020.

The world is moving faster than ever and it was about time we as Brown womxns got ThaenPot.

Based in Canada with international shipping.

I will let you explore their page and find your favorites.

IG Handle: ThaenPot

Art is timeless.

I love having art in my house and I already bought some from the next entrepreneur:

Murukku. Based in Canada with international shipping. Every single piece of art in her webshop tells a story.

IG Handle: Murukku

These are just some of the Thamizh Womxn owned businesses that I am looking at to get my Chritsmas gifts this year. NaneTamil has curated more on Thamizh owned local businesses and TamilWomenRising celebrated Thamizh womxn owned businesses last month with an extensive list. Check out their IG feed for more inspiration.

I Hope you feel inspired to support your small and local entrepreneurs and start-ups! Feel free to comment with your favorite Thamizh owned business and I’ll compile a list. And don’t forget to place your orders as soon as possible, COVID-19 delays shipment.

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