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The soul of AnbudanSugi

Suyam-Tamil; self existence, peculiarity

The self existence. Our identity and individuality.

Our natural habits – as opposed to acquired.

Being a diaspora Thamizh is complex.

From being colonized, attempted to be erased by genocide, and being placed in a western space away from our roots can make it diffuicult to be grounded in one’s identity. At times it might feel easier to simply assimilate and ‘forget’ about our roots. We at AnbudanSugi want our fellow Thamizhs to explore and embrace our language and be proud of our Thamizh heritage.

Greatness. Eminence.

The excellence of the Thamizh language. The vastness of its vocabulary. The root to our identity and the one thing that connects us all across oceans. It doesn’t matter whether we only use one word like ‘amma’ or whether we speak it fluently. By showcasing the beauty of the Thamizh language either on a poster, a piece of clothing or something entirely different, we at AnbudanSugi hope you will be intrigued by your curiosity to explore more of the language.

Siirmai-Tamil; Greatness, excellence, em
Sezhumai-tamil; Excellence, splendour, r

Fertility, richness of soil and luxuriousness.

Did you notice how many different unique words there are for ‘love’ in Thamizh? I can count seven, but there might be way more. Distinguished from other languages, the “zha” sound is unique to Thamizh. If that’s not a luxury, what is?

Together they form the soul of AnbudanSugi; 


Suyam Siirmai Sezhumai. 

Anbudansugi, mission, Our Tamil business


Anbudansugi, vision, Our Tamil business.


Anbudansugi, values, Our Tamil business.



There's a gap between being able to speak Thamizh and actually speaking it on a daily basis. A language is considered extinct when the last person who learned it as their primary tongue dies. Languages typically die when speakers of a small language group come in contact with a more dominant population.

"When you skip a generation, it's hard to pick a language back up again. You need a community that is really committed and will bring children up from birth in the second language, even if they themselves are not the most fluent speakers.”

-Douglas Whalen, president of the Endangered Language Fund.

At AnbudanSugi our ultimate purpose is to inspire and develop the diaspora Thamizh community to cultivate our Thamizh language on a daily basis.

We intend to do so by thinking creatively about every product we launch  by systematically identifying what products add value in a diasporia Thamizh identity and home.

We acknowledge the complexities of preserving part of one's Thamizh identity in a western environment. Therefore we strive to develop clothes and products inspired by both worlds, that do not demean the other. By introducing products that feature Thamizh lettering and language, we hope to inspire fellow Thamizhs to explore their roots and heritage at their own pace 

At AnbudanSugi we allocate a portion of oureconomic surplus to support Thamizh entrepreneurs and organisations in the diaspora as well as in the Homeland. By partnering with existing and upcoming entrepreneurs we aim to create job opportunities for marginalized groups in the Thamizh community in the Homeland we will be supporting the local financial growth with the purpose of fostering financial independence.

We aim to inspire diaspora Thamizhs to claim their identity. To ensure that this generation and the next grow up enjoying the Thamizh culture, building a positive relationship with the Thamizh language, the way they look, and their complex identities. We pledge to honour and empower our beautiful language and positive values in our culture.

In short, we at AnbudanSugi want you to:


Claim Your Identity

At AnbudanSugi we are driven by inclusiveness. We respect people, value diversity, and are committed to equity and equality. 

We accomplish this by actively searching for team members and collaborators from marginalized groups and minorities. 


Creating a community of warmth and belonging, where every Thamizh is welcome. We believe being adventurous, creative, and open-minded fosters togetherness. We believe in pushing ourselves to do our very best in all we do and hold ourselves accountable for results.


We are passionate about cheering for fellow Thamizhs and we strive to create economic opportunities for those who have been denied them.


While social media shares, likes and views are an important channel for awareness, we believe financial aid is an essential contribution to growth. At AnbudanSugi we allocate part of our surplus to financially support other members of our global Thamizh community. We dream about the day we can set up our production and creative team in the Thamizh Homeland and create a space where we can grow together. 


With humbleness and willpower, we dare to be different.


And thus we will grow our business in a way that makes not only us, but the Thamizh community proud.